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Benefits of a Bridal Stylist

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October 10, 2021


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You have just booked your engagement session and wedding day photography and now the question is, “what should I wear?”. The fashion that you select to wear in your photos is just as important as your hair, makeup, florals, and photographer. In a world full of beautiful photography and breathtaking fashion, the fashion choices will affect the overall aesthetic of your images and have the potential to set your images apart from everyone else’s.

Keep scrolling to see two recent editorials that I photographed with styling by Gabrielle Hurwitz, and why hiring a bridal stylist will not only set your images apart but will make you feel like a movie star.

Benefits of a Bridal Stylist…

1. For Their Expertise

Just as you have hired your wedding planner, photographer, and florist for their expertise in their respective areas, so should you hire a bridal stylist. The benefits of a bridal stylist is that they will help you select fashion that is timeless, elegant, and allows your personality to shine through in a unique way. From the dress to the earrings to the heels, having a stylist in your pocket will bring cohesion to your photographs.

Floral wedding ceremony arch

2. For Their Vision

A bridal stylist will work with your photographer to not only bring cohesion to your session or your wedding day but also elevate the styling to unimaginable heights. Telling your story, through both fashion and photography, will add immeasurable value to your images. Together, the stylist and photographer will work with you, the client, to understand what your vision is, how to make it come to life, and will make recommendations to make .

Wedding dress with bow

3. For the Access

Bridal stylists not only have access to styles that are fresh off of the runway but will also be with you on your wedding day, or during your session, to ensure that everything is picture-perfect. This sense of security allows you to freely enjoy the time spent in front of the camera and allows the photographer to focus solely on creating the best images imaginable.

Upscale bridal portraits

4. For the Photos

For the photos… what it all comes down to! If you want your images from your wedding day or session to stand apart from any other couple’s, you will want to enlist a bridal stylist on your team! With their expertise, vision, and access, your photos are sure to be magazine-worthy.

Classic red lip wedding inspiration

How do I find a bridal stylist?

So, now you are convinced that a bridal stylist can help bring your vision to life and create a magazine-worthy styling, but you are wondering: “Where do I find such a marvelous stylist?”. My personal recommendation would be Gabrielle Hurwitz. Having worked with her on two recent editorials, Gabrielle elevated the photoshoots and took them to new heights. Just see for yourself!

Chateau Wedding Editorial

New York City Engagement Editorial

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