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5 Tips for Perfect Marriage Proposal Photographs


March 21, 2022


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You have started planning the perfect proposal for your significant other… you have the ring picked out, you have spoken to their family and friends, you even have the location decided, and now all you need to do is hire a photographer to capture this momentous occasion.

In order to make this long-awaited moment run as smoothly as possible, it is important to discuss a few things with your photographer before the big day.

What to Discuss with Your Photographer

Ready to pop the question? Here are a few key topics to consider discussing with your photographer to ensure they capture the moment spectacularly for you.

1. Walk the Photographer Through Your Plan

This might seem obvious but it is important to walk your photographer through your plan for the day. From what you are doing up to the moment of the proposal to after the proposal. Your photographer will want to know if any other people will be involved, if there are any details to capture, etc. And, if there are any surprises that you mention to your photographer, be sure to let them know that they are a surprise to your SO and not to mention them once they meet!

2. Visit the Location With Your Photographer

Ask your photographer if they are available to walk through the location with you before the proposal day. Doing this with your photographer will allow for them to make recommendations on the best location to propose so that they can stay hidden and still capture the moment. They will even have a recommendation on which direction you are facing to ensure that reactions are properly photographed. The last thing anything wants is for your SO’s back to be to the photographer! It is also important to let the photographer know which direction you will be coming from and what car you will be driving as well.

If your photographer is not able to meet you beforehand, send them a video or photos of the locations. And, if you and the photographer have only been communicating via phone or email, be sure to send them a photo of you and your SO so they know exactly who to be looking for.

3. Share Your Location With Your Photographer

You likely only share your location with immediate family but this will be very useful to your photographer on the day of the proposal! Let’s say for instance that you and your soon-to-be fiance are running 10 minutes later than you had told the photographer. Rather than worrying about trying to text the photographer with updates, the photographer will be ready to go in the decided location and can see how close you are to arriving. This allows for you to focus on your SO and off of your phone.

4. Choose a Quiet Location

Oftentimes, public locations are bustling with people – especially on nice weather days. It will be ideal to choose a location with a clean backdrop to avoid other people in the back of your photos. This will also allow for you to focus solely on your SO, the significance of the moment, and the speech that you have prepared. (Bonus tip: Write down your speech! More often than not, when the moment finally comes, words are forgotten and nerves take over. This is happening for your significant other as well! So, by writing down what you want to say, you will both be able to look back and remember what was said).

5. Invite your Photographer to the After Party!

The big moment has now happened, you have taken lots of great photos with your FIANCE, and now it is time for you two to celebrate! You have spent time planning the after-party where friends and family will be waiting so plan to have the photographer join to capture all of the moments! Everything from after you get down on one knee is guaranteed to be a bit of a blur due to excitement so be sure to have your photographer come so you can cherish and relive every moment of the day.

Still Looking for the Perfect Photographer?

If you are looking for a photographer to photograph your upcoming proposal, let’s chat!

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